- Vol.52 No.4 October 2015 -


The contribution of nursing administration sicence

Keiko Tsuruta
Original article
Relationships among the score on a Japanese version of the "Decision Regret Scale," score on the health-related quality of life scale, and patient factors
| A cross-sectional study in patients with inguinal hernia, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, and gallbladder polyp |
Kiyomi Tanno and Yasuo Takagi
Research notes

Verification of the sources of competitive advantage for hospital management
- Search for mobility barriers among strategic groups for hospital management -

Akihiro Haneda

A study of measures taken toward recruitment and retention of nurses, and associated difficulties and turnover ratio
- A complete hospital survey in a selected prefecture -

Maki Tominaga and Miya Nishimura
Basic research on the use of nursing staffing agencies by small and medium-sized private hospitals
Tomoko Kimura and Nakako@Fujiwara